Business Strategy and Value Chain

We are a company with a substantial track record in preparing and marketing chicken, pork, turkey, Atlantic and Pacific salmon and processed products.

Vertical Integration

MUS$ 72,526

Invested in environmental projects

We use technology and the highest standards to produce sustainably.


People benefited from our social programs

People benefited from our social programs We develop projects to foster entrepreneurship, local development, education and healthy lifestyles.


Employees in Chile and abroad

Our employees are a fundamental part of the business and they help us to meet the challenges. Their dedication, passion and commitment inspire us.

MMUS$ 2,241

Paid to suppliers in regions where we operate

We create opportunities to strengthen our long-term relationships with each supplier.

MMUS$ 4,179.1

Sold in 2021

39.7% Domestic sales
60.3% International sales


Products sold to 58,170 clients

Through our broad portfolio of products, we seek to encourage our consumers to have a balanced diet.

(Español) *Cecinas y elaborados como: salchichas, parrilleros, jamones, mortadela, hamburguesas, nuggets, croquetas, pizzas y empanadas.