La Crianza


· Partnership with Fundación Revalora to turn our PP5 and 7 packages into ecowood.

· Partnership with Parque Mahuida to create tables, benches, signs and railings in order to make a sustainable ecowood path out of our packages.

· Partnership with Triciclos to develop an app that allows consumers to scan packages and find out where they can be recycled.

· 2022 Clean Production Agreement certification for the full line of vegetables, burgers, meat pies, pizzas, and other products.

· Participation in the national SOFOFA pilot to recover flexible 5PP material from our packages.



· Gluten-free certification courtesy of Convivir.

Super Pollo


· INTA certification on Super Pollo soy- and additive-free packaged products, as well as those low in sodium.

· Clean Production Agreement Certification, Ecolabeled with the seal “Elijo Reciclar” (I choose to recycle).



· American certification for animal welfare in the Las Cornizas Crianza Broiler sector (American Human Certified)