The factors that differentiate us

We are Chile’s largest protein producer and the world’s third largest salmon producer. We have a strong local presence and a broad product portfolio diversified into different types of protein.

We are vertically integrated throughout our value chain right from the preparation of feed for our animals through to the sales of the over 2,000 products that make up our portfolio. This enables us to control our costs and internalize the animal rearing and sales margins.

We developed this business strategy based on a sustainable management model, integrating economic, social and environmental aspects into our daily work.

Vertical Integration

This allows us to control and retain traceability over every process from the manufacture of feed for the animals and animal rearing through to slaughter and the distribution of the products.

Strict discipline in production efficiency

We have a sustainable production model focused on good resource management, efficiency and operational excellence.

Flexibility to move products to different markets

Our business model allows us to move exports from one country to another and redirect local sales to maximize the benefits. We are therefore constantly reviewing the profit margin for each product and adjusting what we have on offer in order to retain a balance between local and international prices.

Broad portfolio and personalization of products

We aim to reach dinner tables around the world by offering a wide range of alternatives designed to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Strong participation in the Chilean market

We are present nationwide with 29 commercial offices distributed throughout Chile and we have the following market shares: 53.7% of chicken, 49.2% of pork and 73% of turkey.

Global diversification

We have a strategic presence in markets around the world with sales from different business segments.