Clipped Chicken Tenders








Whole muscle cut tenderloin from half chicken breast, no skin, no tender tip. Up to 15% marinated, individually frozen (IQF)

This incredibly versatile product will satisfy all your cooking needs. Our tenders come from medium meat, and offer all the taste and convenience you want with virtually no prep time, thanks to our individual quick-freezing system. Why buy fresh when you know you’re only going to use a portion of the tray, and freeze the rest anyway? Our products are ready to cook straight out of the bag. You can use them for appetizers, for party trays, for salads, as a main dish, and anything else you can imagine! Our medium-sized birds guarantee the finest color and texture, without a trace of woody meat that is prevalent with Jumbo meat poultry products. Resealable package guarantees optimum freshness. Up to 15% marinated. Don’t miss that Agrosuper quality and flavor.




Water, sodium polyphosphate, salt.

Product options

Box and packaging specifications
EAN (BAG) 896775002758
DUN (BOX) 10896775002755
Packaging Type Bag
Case Specifications Cardboard box, with Agrosuper brand on lid and bottom
Primary Packaging Sealed bag with zipper and printed design.
Weight per bag 10 lb.
Weight per case 40 lb.
Units per case 4
Fixed or Variable Fixed
Case Dimensions 23.6 x 15.7 x 8.6 in
Ti: Hi: 5/11
Status Frozen, -0.4ºF
Duration 547 days

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