The Best Quality For Your Business

Every business is different, but all of them need our added value! Agrosuper products are designed to provide the highest amount of convenience and versatility, while also maintaining the most consistent quality and the best flavor in the business.

Our products have everything you need:

  • Hand Trimmed
  • Perfectly Shaped
  • Marinated for Added Flavor
  • Clean Cuts
  • Frozen for Timeless Freshness

Flavor to please every palate

After years of dedicated labor and expertise, we have found the perfect combination of elements to produce the ultimate flavor in all of our products.

Ideal genetics, a specially designed diet in accordance to every stage of the animal’s growth and pure mountain water from underground aquifers are combined to create the delicious Agrosuper flavor that everyone knows and loves.

Meticulous Care Through Vertical Integration

We achieve the high performance of our products thanks to our Vertical Integration system, through which we are able to control every single stage of our production. Our process is based on meticulous care and the highest standards, not only to provide the consistent high quality our clients know and love, but also to ensure the complete traceability and total innocuousness of every product, from start to finish.