Agrosuper Pork

Born and Raised to Delight the World

How do we breed top-tier pork? Quality genetics, unique production processes, specially designed feed and an incomparable birthplace make Agrosuper Pork a product of the highest quality and valued in the most demanding markets in the world.

Endorsed by the highest international certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • APL
  • BPA
  • REP
  • ISO 45001
  • ISO 22000

Top-tier Genetics, Elite Pork

Our pork comes from 4 pure breeds with genetic nuclei from the US and Canada, raised in Chile. They are part of the elaborate Agrosuper genetic program that ensures the highest quality, top-tier proteins in their efficiency, growth and premium quality.

A Unique Diet for Premium Flavor

Agrosuper Pork is fed with a unique diet, specially designed for the 8 stages of their growth. In each stage, they receive an ideal combination of nutrients to obtain the very best out of our pork.

Enhanced by Ancestral Waters

Our pork drink one of the purest waters in the world, taken from underground aquifers originating in the Andes Mountains. This water is always fresh, clean and naturally enriched with salts and minerals, requiring no extra treatment.