Total control, Absolute safety

We are acclaimed for our safety, innocuousness and high-quality processes. Thanks to our Vertical Integration System, we are able to control every single stage of our production, giving you food you can trust, every single time.

The power of Vertical Integration

We have implemented a vertical integration system that allows us to control every step in our production process, from the production of feed for our animals to the distribution of our products on a worldwide scale.

Our process is based on meticulous care and the highest standards, not only to provide the consistent high quality our clients know and love, but also to ensure the complete traceability and total innocuousness of every product, from start to finish.

  • We Farm

    High-quality meat begins with high-quality feed! This is why we have designed feed with an ideal combination of only the very best ingredients, to provide a nutritious and balanced diet for all of our animals.

    • 5 feed production plants
    • 2.3 million tons of feed produced per year
  • We Raise

    Our animals are raised under the best conditions and strictly supervised in order to prevent biosecurity hazards and maintain a safe, healthy and responsible production, following the 5 animal freedoms as dictated by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

  • We Process

    Our production is based on meticulous care, international standards and top-of-the-line technology, producing the highest quality products for all of our clients.

    • 4 processing plants
    • 1,541+ SKUs
  • We Deliver

    We distribute our products all over the world, with 8 local offices and several distribution centers in demanding markets such as the US, Mexico, Chile, Italy, Japan, South Korea and China.

    • Exports to 50 countries
    • 900+ International clients
  • Partner with international clients

    We want to help your business grow. This is why we have developed a Partner Program, focused on finding solutions for every client’s specific needs.

    • Carefully designed toolkits for retail, food service and industrial
    • Personalized solutions and campaigns for any business
  • Customer satisfaction

    We always want to provide delicious, safe, high-quality proteins to all of our consumers, so your opinion matters! Our customer service representatives are always available to help in any way they can.

Internationally Certified

Our products can be enjoyed by people all over the world thanks to our many certifications that ensure the quality and safety of animal raising, processing plants and feed manufacturing, allowing us to reach the most demanding markets in the world.

We have SIGAS certification that considers the following areas:

  • SSO