Chile: A jewel for animal raising

Our proteins are unique because they come from an extraordinary birthplace with four ancient natural biogeographical barriers, an oasis at the end of the world that create ideal conditions for animal raising. From this land, we provide the purest essence of Chile with products of incomparable quality.

A Naturally protected Production

A sanitary island, Chile is protected on all fronts by ancestral natural barriers that reduce the risk of plagues and diseases being introduced that may affect our animals.

Atacama Desert, Patagonia Glaciers, Pacific Ocean, Andes Mountains

Our incomparable quality comes from the Central Valley of Chile, a region with a pleasant mediterranean climate and important biogeographic and sanitary barriers that protect our animals.

  • 5
    Processing plants
  • 4
    Feed plants
  • 13282
  • Atacama Desert
  • Pacific Ocean
  • The Andes
  • Patagonia Glaciers

A privileged location

Our farms are located in the Central Valley, an area known for its mild mediterranean climate and great connectivity not only to Chile’s capital, but also to its main ports, roads and airports. The country itself enjoys a privileged location within the globe, providing a wide and stable international distribution network.

  • Percentage of exported production per sector

    • 81%
    • 28%
    • 37%
  • Chilean Exports

    • 30
      Commercial Agreements with 65 economies
    • 88%
      of global GNP
    • 67%
      of the world population
  • Connected Country

    • 16
      Airports and aerodromes. Of these, 7 have international connections.
    • 506K
      Flights of aircrafts in airports and aerodromes in 2018
    • 5.7%
      More flights compared to 2019