Highest Standards Since 1955

After 65 years of history and hard-earned expertise, we have developed a vertically integrated business with a stable, safe and high-quality production, providing 1,540 SKUs that are currently being sold on a worldwide scale.

Today we can proudly say we feed the world thanks to our:

    • +13000
    • 8
      Offices around the world
    • 5
      Processing plants
    • 4
      Feed plants

From Selling Eggs, To Feeding The World

A business that got its start by selling eggs in 1955, Agrosuper has grown to become a household name and the main producers of animal proteins in Chile, with many leading national brands under our wing.

Global business, local presence

+30 years of international sales have allowed us to gain a steady and expansive distribution network worldwide, with sales in more than 50 of the most demanding markets in the world. We have local offices in the US, Mexico, Italy, Japan, South Korea and China.

Take a look at the map below to see Agrosuper’s international presence!